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We have been building drawers and organizational cabinets for Sedans primarily for Law Enforcement Agencies, but over the years, individuals and mobile workers have found our products to be their solution.  Like all rear cargo space, keeping it organized and neat is always the challenge.  Our Sedan Cabinet Series delivers a secure, organized and neat place to store and stow all of your valuables. Whether you are looking to secure weapons, tools, camera equipment, fishing and hunting gear, emergency responder gear, your recent purchases, or anything else, we have a storage solution that solves your problem!  All of our vehicle storage products are manufactured from the highest quality and the most durable of materials.  Our secure, vehicle storage cabinet systems are custom made to meet the lasting needs of today's vehicle owner.  No matter the make or model, our talented and master craftsman will design and build a cabinet specifically to fit your needs and vehicle. Your cargo will remain locked, secure and organized.  We are always on the cutting edge developing, using and manufacturing products like our secure platform series and the weather resistant bed-line cabinet coating.  That is the Rockland Difference!  Known for our Rock Solid Engineering, our Sedan cargo storage line delivers custom, secure, practical and functional products at an affordable price.

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