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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where is Rockland Custom Products Located?

We are located at 10 Commerce Drive, Hauppauge NY 11788.

How do I reach you?

By phone: (855) 808-2597
By Email:
Visit our Contact Us Page

How do I care for my Rockland Custom Product Cabinet?

Carpeted surfaces should be vacuumed periodically. Doors and drawers should be cleaned with Simple Green or ArmorAll. Lonseal surfaces should also be wiped down with Simple Green or ArmorAll making sure surface is dry. If tracks or rollers need service, do so with a silicone spray. Oil-based lubricants will attract and hold dust and dirt particles which can effect function and cause damage.

How do I install the cabinet or Illumi-Grille in my vehicle?

All of our products are shipped with an install kit with easy-to-follow installation instructions. Should you require or prefer installation assistance, you can contact us for the names of certified Rockland Custom Product dealers.

I have a new vehicle, can my cabinet be moved?

Over the years we have heard from countless customers whose Rockland Custom Cabinet has outlasted their original vehicle and would like to move the cabinet to a new vehicle model. Depending on the new vehicle, there may be alterations needed to ensure it can fit safely and securely. To find out if your current cabinet can be moved to a newer model vehicle, please call us at (855) 808-2597 or email us through our Contact Us page.

Can the lock passcode be customized?

Yes! Information on how to set or change your lock passcode is shipped in the installation kit. If for some reason, you do not have this information please call us at (855) 808-2597 and speak with a technician.

How is my Rockland Custom Product delivered?

Most of our our products are shipped by freight and can be delivered to you directly or to a dealer who will install it.

How can I see one of your products in person?

We attend many national and local tradeshows where our cabinets, Illumi-Grille and other products are on display. For a list of the shows we attend, please visit our Download Page. If you are unable to attend any of those shows, please contact us so we can help arrange for a live demo.

What vehicles do you make your products for?

We can build a cabinet to fit nearly any vehicle on the market. The Illumi-Grile is currently available for the 2015 and 2016 Chevy Tahoe. An Illumi-Grille for the 2016 Ford Interceptor is in production. Please contact us with any questions you may have.

How long will it take to receive my Cabinet or Illumi-Grille?

During your cabinet and Illumi-Grille design, we will discuss your production timeline and expected completion and delivery dates.

Can the cabinet designs shown on the site and in the catalog be enhanced or changed to meet my specifications?

Of course! Almost every cabinet inquiry requested has started out as one of our standard models, but quickly turns into a one of a kind cabinet! We work with our customers one on one to make sure your cabinet will meet and exceed your needs and provide maximum functionality.

Can I buy a used Rockland Custom Cabinet?

From time to time, we have demonstrator and show models available for sale. View our In-Stock cabinets, available for immediate shipment.

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